Monday, March 26, 2007

Origins of Language and The Future of Language

Hi All,

This week we have studied the 3 approaches to the question of "the origins of language", "The Divine Theory", "The Evolution Theory" and "The Social Theory". Bearing these and the nature of language(last week's question) in mind, could you please foresee the future of the language? Try to picturize the future world in language context.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

What is Language?

Hello Everybody,

This week, in our first class of Linguistics in the second semestre, we tried to answer the question: "What is Language?", here you'll find the answers of some of your friends:

Language is...
Communication device (osman)
Identity card?
Way of communication (volkan)
Language is life? (meral)
Expressing yourself? (arev)
Non verbal – verbal?
sharing experiences (zeynep)
one way of making our thoughts visible (özlem)
correct order of symbols (kürşat)
sign of existance
link between individual and the outside (ali)
Mirror of our minds? (nilay)
Voice of ideas (ayşe)
Sharing thoughts, communication (adnan)

Choose 2 of their answers and comment on them trying to prove that their answers are not adequate to answer the question completely.

Have a good second term,

tuncer can