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Cooperative Principle and Politeness

Hello Everybody,

We have studied Gricean Maxims and Politeness Strategies this week. Here's your assignment of the week.

1. Note down all the "Speech Events" you have experienced during the week, (from wednesday to wednesday let's say, or etc.)
2. a)Analyze your own speech contributions according to Grice's Maxims. (if you are behaving according to the maxims or you violate them, and what are the concequences, choose to write about at least 5 conversations to examplify)
b) In what kind of situations are you more polite, and why do you think this is so? (situation names and reasons, at least 4 examples, please.)
3. You have 2 weeks to complete this work.

I hope you enjoy it while doing,

Tuncer Can


Anonymous said...

biraz karısık we zor gibi bilmiorum ama

Tuncer Can said...

Yapmadan bilemezsin ama...

Anonymous said...

Hi friends and teacher,I hope you enjoy and satisfy with my explanation and examples.Have good days.

1.One day in last week,I went to draw money from a bank.After drawing it,a street hawker who most possibly saw my money,shouted after me, “Is it fallen from you,miss?As soon as I turned,he changed his sentence; “I have many beatiful sweaters for beatiful girls!!!”The strategy which he used to take attention to his goods was very enjoyable.He made a speech act without realizing anything.
Generally my friends and I smoke in our room but yesterday one of myfriends who does not smoke,said to us that she had a throat ache nowadays,in fact she does normally not want us to smoke in room and tried to say it but she could not and she tried to say it in the other way by implicing it,she emphasized that the smokes fumes made her and her throat uneasy so we could not smoke in our room any more.In most of time in our life we can meet the conversational implication.

2.a)After I begin to have this lesson,I realized that I and most of people behave according to maxims.I mean I generally prefer to imply many things,in one time I use sympathy maxim,in the other modesty maxim.I give importance to cooperation because I believe that cooperation is essential partof communication.My examples:

The first of my example is about a situation which one of my friends had with her student.
My friend--O bana saygısızlık yapacak yaşta değil daha (sanki hangi yaşta saygısızlık yapma hakkı varmış gibibenim arkadaşlarım çok alem ya neyse)
Me--Kesinlikle değil zaten,bende hala anlam veremiyorum bu çocuğun davranışlarına.
My friend¬¬—Aramızdaki her şey bitti,öğrenci olarakta değer vermiyecem ona,artık ciddi ciddi konuşmayı düşünmüyorum sınıftada.
Me—İyi yaparsın,konuşma zaten canım,yüz verdinmi astar istiyorlar bunlar
In this conversation like most of my conversations there is everytime confirming and agreeing.Because I believe that it helps communication to be achived succesfully.

The second example is about one of my experiences of profession.I would call companies and make them to confirm their information which we had but I had a problem of hearing because of disorder of telephone.
Me—Adınızı alabilir miyim efendim?
The qualified man—Mehmet Kantar
Me—Behçet miydi pardon?
The qualified man—Hayır Mehmet.
Me—Duyamıyorum tam kusura bakmayın lütfen Şevket mi dediniz?
The qualified man—Hanım efendi Mehmet diyorum Mehmet!Manisanın M’si ilk harfi.
Me—(Baktım işin içinden çıkamıyorum başka yönden sormaya çalışıyorum)Peki Sayın Tantar :) kaç bilgisayar kullanıcınız var?

There are always opposition,misgiven answers.There is no cooperation so conversation can not be done by us.He and I feel disconnect.

My other example is a conversation between me and one of my friend.
Me—Ne yani iki gündür tamamiyle surat asıklığın bundan mıydı abi,bi 30 milyon kazık yedin diye mi?
My friend—Ya tabi tabi sende boşu boşuna bi 30 milyon bay görürsün o zaman:(
Me—Deli etme adamı daha geçen gün 50 milyon çarptılar benden.
My friend—Canım ya Allah hayırlı etsin???
My friend’s last sentence was so unrelevant to our subject and disconnect our communication,here again there can be seen a deficiency of cooperation.

The fourth example is more different the others.
Last day,I said to one of my friends “Ellerimi yüğdüm sana zahmet bi pesgirimi getirirmisin?”She understood me because of our common culture.Two of us came from east of Turkey and from same city.So she could understand me exactly but if my friend does not know anything,does not have any background aboutmy hometown,my culture,she could not understand clearly what I mean.In this sentence we can see a problem of quantity when I use this sentence in class or with friends who do not know my culture.It is important that vocabularies which I choose are suitable or not for people’s background.

And the last example is about implying.
Generally in most of stage of mylife,I prefer to imply something than tell clearly.I believe that when I use implication,I tell whatever I want more politely and more effectively.Forexample we had a discussion on a domestic subject in summer.
My father—Bundan sonra bu konunun konuşulmasını istemiyorum.
Me—Sen zaten sadece ben söz konusu olduğumda bu kadar sertsin baba!
My father—Nankör olma,ne zaman ayrım yaptım aranızda.
Here again implied something,I did not say clearly all the things,I prefered to use different words.In that time,I thought that myfather made a discrimination.But despite it,I prefer using “sert” word to “discriminate” and my father understood what I meant.At the end of conversation I implied again by saying nothing.I tried to tell my feelings in adifferent way.

b)Mostly when the person whom I speak or have a discussion on a subject behaves politely,I have to be more polite.However much I get angry,If the person spoken behaves polite,I will have no chance to behave polite,too.Being more polite requires positive supportance,politenes,sincerety of the person spoken.The behaviour style of the person addressed can change your style.She\he can make me stressfull,nerveous,hard or in contrast,can make met o be so polite.I generally behave politely to all people without any discrimination and if anyone can speak from my inner language(can touch my feelings)I most possibly behave so politely.My politeness changes according to adressed person’s style.

The first example’s name Purchasing.I bought a hooded coat,despite its expensiveness,I realized that the part of arm was torned.My nerves on the edge,I paid so much money and now I had to go there again.I went there in so irritable athmosphere.It was necessary to scold such a known store for not having the same mistake,they had to be careful about their goods.I went there but the person who qualified there talked me in such a polite,kind manner that I could not say anything.I had to be more polite and I told my problem so kindly that it amazed me so much.
The other example’s name is Apologizing.I have many principles in my life and I do not easily have concessions.I do not want generally to be taken or usedall mythings without any permission of me.One day one of my friend made it although she knowsme very well.I got nervous and I was hurted,but she told me her situation so politely;she had to take it because of limitness of time,she could not ask me and she gave me so satisfied explanation in a kinad manner,I behaved more polite than I had supposed to behave.
The other example’s name is again Apologizing.One day in last year,I had a negotation of a profession.I wore my suit and went but it was raining,everywhere was full of water.Then when I waited my bus,a car made me wet exactly by passing near me.I was about to cry then the driver sropped and came near me,he apologized in such a elegant manner,I had to behave again more politely than I suppozed.
My last example’s name is Serving.I went to a cafe with two of my friends.We ordered two tea and coffee but the waiter was most possibly new,he could not carry the tray and at last he spilled the cup of coffee on me.Of course my clothes were become dirty but I felt that I should treat gentility becouse he was such a shy boy and ashamed this behaviour of him.Although I was nervous I did not want to say anything.

3231040082 ÖZLEM GÜVENER

Derya N. Disanlı said...

1. In last week, I wanted to eat kısır. I know my mother in law is making it very tasty so I telephoned her and I said "I know you make most delighful kısır in Turkey"She accepted to do it and we ate it.
An other example I experienced in last week is about impersonalising. My mother bought two extra theatre ticket for me and my husband.She said us it but after my mother went, my husband said me that he didn't want to go to theatre.After that I telephoned to my mother and I said I was very busy at weekend and I do not want to come with them( Aslında eşim istemiyordu ancak ortamı yumuşatmak için ben isteksiz gibi gözüktüm.Yoksa annem alınabilirdi.)
2.My conversation is usually according to Gricean Maxims or other maxims.For example, İn conversation with mother in law, I used approbation maxim. Of course, before the lesson, I wasn't interpreting this behavior.
Example:In the Vefa building, our friends are extremly smoking and I'm pregnant.There is no place to waiting the other lesson and I have to stay with them in canteen.I said them :I think my baby is going to want to smoke when s/he is born.They understood that I am not comfortable.This is an implying.
Example: One of my friend wanted me to send a message about homework and I was very busy in that time. I said that I am so sorry and I tried to tell about my situation. I was very polite and my friend replied me: Do not worry, I will solve this problem.She was very polite also.
Example : In last week, I presented a homework and this was very important me. My husband asked about the presentation when I came home. I talked about the job.
Me : Çok zor yetiştik derse trafik vardı
Husband:Öyle mi?
Me : Evet.Ama atlattık.
Husband:Nasıldı hoca beğendi mi?
Me : Pek bir yorum yapmadı sanırım beğendi.
Husband:İyi geçmiş olsun!
In this conversation I didn't talk about the content of the presentation because he is not interested in it.This is the maxim of quantity.If I talked about unnecessary details, My husband would not listen to me.
Example:Yesterday, One of my friend asked me about pregnancy.(Hangi hastanede doğum yapacaksın?diye sordu.) I would not to talk about this subject with him because I am not good with him and I said him Why are you asking?Are you going to take me to the hospital?This was very irrelevant response and he has given up speaking.No cooperation no conversation in that case.
Example : One of my friend last week asked me a question but I was listening the absence list when she is talking and I couldn't catct her exactly.My responses were very unsense or short : Evet...Aaa bilmem...nasıldı...
Soru:neden bu cümlede adam böyle demiş?
Cevap: Birşey dememiş ki!Kim demiş.vs...
In that case, Conversation quality is not good.
b)When I need something or when other people are polite, I'm also polite but this depends on situations.
Example:I need the help of my husband.
My sentences:I know you are very busy but my homework papers have to be printed.I need them in two days but If it is impossible, don't worry.(pessimism)
Example : The woman that is very old and on foot in the bus. She is smiling and say I'm so sorry but I couldn't stay on foot.If it is possible, could I rest a little etc...
She is very polite not violating my right and I response very polite.Of course, you can sit and do not worry, I can stay on foot etc...
Example : We are waiting the installer. He promised us to come at 9 o'clock in the morning but he didn't come and he came at 4 o'clock. We are very nervous but after he expressed his situation we would be relax. He had an accident and he apoliged us so this is normal. In this case we become more polite.
Example : In the bus, a baby with her mother was ill. Her mother gave her some food but after she ate them she brought up them and my bag became dirty. This was very disguisting but I tried to help them and I tried to be polite because This can be happen to everybody.
I think some situations necessite more politeness.

Anonymous said...

özlemcim maşallah ne kadar kısa bir ödev hazırlamışsn şimdi bizimkiler sırıtack ama neyse olmuş bi kere, bi daha olmasn!!!ha bu arada yurtta yaşadımz ne varsa yazmışın özel hayat diye bişey var bunun hesabını sorucm sana:)özlem k.

Tuncer Can said...

Sevgili Özlem ve Derya,

Gerçekten çok hoş ödevleriniz, çevremizde her an olan "konuşmalara" farklı bir gözle bakmak eğlenceli değil mi, eğlencenin yanında bir de bu kadar anlayış olunca dünya daha eğlenceli bir yer haline geliyor. Ya da en azından bende böyle oluyor. İkinize de çok teşekkür ederim, ama önce Özleme:) Umarım diğer arkadaşlarınız da aynı şekilde eğlenirler.. Hepinize başarılar..

Anonymous said...

ahh bide yapabilsem hocam eğlenirim heralde ama işte yapamadığım için bilemiyorum:( nerdeyse herakşam bakıyorum buraya ama bende hata lisede en büyük hatayı yaptım ben dil bölümünü secerek cok gec tabi bunu söylemek için ama böyle. sınavalrda başlıyo cok dertliyim bu aralar.ama yapıcam bu ödevi.

Anonymous said...

Çokk teşekkür ederim hocamm:)Özlem Güvener

Anonymous said...

1) me: abi ben bu özlem hocanın dersinden hiççbişi anlayamadım.derslerede giremedim ya doğru düzgün.
friend: ben biliyorum az cok bişeyler. task based hazırlamıştım gecenlerde o zaman anlamıştım.anlatırım sana bi ara istersen.
me: (dünyalar benm oldu tabi) süper olur varya bende onu dicektim biliyorsan anlatıver diye.
friend:tamam canım anlatırız bi ara ne olacak......
if we look this speech from the gricean maximz viewi, ı can say relevance is so much and so little. so little couse ı didn't say my purpose directly ı only tried to implied it. but the relevance can be seem at my friend relevant suggestion.

2) Everybody can understand when this speech passed.
me: ya cok sinirlerim bozuldu derste.ayıp oldu adama.
x: yapılan büyük terbiyesizlik.
me: hem deriz tuncer hocasan başkasını tanımıyoruz diye hemde al işte..
x: yok abi yüz vermeye gelmiyo bizde öyle bi kapasite varki utanmadan suistimal edebiliyoruz bütün iyi niyetleri.
me:şahsen bende olsam aynısını yapar ceker giderdim.ders olsun yani uğraşmak zorunda diilki.
x: bencede öylede şimdi bize kızdı ve sınavlar var bu kızgınlıkla bize farklı b sınıfına farklı soru hazırlarsa ve bizmkiler tahminimizden daha kolay cıkarsaa!!!
me: ben o yönünü hiç düşünmemiştim olayın ya yok sanımıyorum yani inşallah yapmaz. o değilde......
both of the speaker know the subject and relevance is good. both of them can say their toughts orderly.

3)me: abla bu hafta yine uğrayamıyacağım size birden başka planlar cıktı ortaya kusura bakma
she: tamam güzelim sen takıl kafana göre. paran varmı?
me: ablam benim ya sen yaşa emi.:) param var ya idare ediyorum( her bunu söylediğimde yatırdığını bildiğim için:))
she: tamam canım dediğim gibi sen takıl kafana göre.yarın boş bi anımda para yatırırım sana.hadi grşrz.
me: sağolasın ablacım......
this speech is so polite even if only my sisterwas polite, ı was not couse ı had sad her ı would visit you but ı didn't do.but ı tried to be polite becouse ı felt guilty not visiting her. for gricean maxims ı can't anaything.

4) ı was at cevizlibağ and ı tried to go my boyfriend home alone.he had suggested me to take me but ı didn't accept becouse the weather was raining and there was nO need. also ı had gone there before but we had gone together and from taksim. thiS was my first and last time ı was going from cevizlibağ.
me: senin gelmene gerek yok bu havada hangi minibüse biniyordum söyle ben gelrrim karnım ac sende yemek hazırlarsın.
he: eminmisin. soğanlı parseller min.e bineceksin nerde inceni biliyorsun. istersen cıkayım şimdi geleyim.
me: ben gelirim.
(15-20 dakka sora)
me: ya burdan hiç soğanlı aprseller gecmiyo ikisi bi arada yazmıyo onur cıldırdım.
he: sen parseller yazan görürsen bin.dedim dimi geleyim diyee..
me: bindim hemen off:):):)......
there is no quantity in this speech. he didn't say how ı could go there clearly.the information he gave was not enough and clear. becouse of this ı waited there for 15 min. in vain.

5) ı was lost at kadıköy but not the centre of kadıköy. however ı was lost and asked a man;
me: pardon, burdan ziverbey dolmuşları geciyormu.
he: yanlış yerde bekliyorsunuz. bende o tarafa gidicem isterseniz birlikte gidelim arabam ilerde bi cay iceriz belki.
ı only looked his face angrly and went somewhere else.......
ıt can be seem politefull but it is not really polite. if we look this speech from structualist view it is right; it is polite. but the intention of the man was not as polite as speech seems. from the pragmatics view this speech is not include any politeness. also ı understood this from the manner of the man.he loooked like eat me:) if he had leaved me to ziverbey ı would have end up owing him something. (iğrnç bi gündü)

ın crowded places, when we are speaking with someone who is a lecturer, boss or etc. or when we want someone to do something for us, etc... in all those situations we are more polite than we are at normal life.
*we are polite at crowded places couse there is a statement in turkish like '' insan kıyafetiyle karşılanır konuşmasıyla uğurlanır.'' ı don't know its originial but it has the same meaning with originial one. ı think this statement is enough for explain my claim.
*becouse of the hierarchy and respect, we are polite when we speak with lecturer or boss etc. also the statu of the person we speak can be a diogbastic factor for being polite or not.ıt is generally like that but if we think we must be polite everytime to everybody. statu must not be a foctor, but it is.
_exm: ı went to my cousin office,she is teh secreter of the mayor of fatih and ı spoke all personal politely in front of the mayor... alos ı speak so politely when speak with mayor.
_exm: at the bus ı wanted someone to open the window.
-excuse me, would you mind if ı asked you to open the window? etc..
_exm: ı went to my sister home last week for dinner and she had invited nher friends from the bank she works for they all are so polite and ı perforce to spoke poltely
- derslerin nasıl gidiyor esra?
- bu sene cok yoğunuz diğer senelere göre cok daha zor bi dönem ama gayet iyi gidiyor,idare ediyorum....etc
if one of my friend or my cousin asked me thi question ı could answer like
- şimdi bu sorunun sırasımıydı yani, nası gidiyo olcak herzamanki gibi işte,bide derslere girebilsem tam olarak nası gittiğini anlyacamda nese geç bunu.. etcc.

ı hope ı did what you had wanted...


Anonymous said...

Hi friends and teacher.I did this work fastly,but I hope you will enjoy it.
1.I went to Beyazit Primary Education School on last friday for voluntary teaching with my friends.We teach in first classes.So most of them are very scamp.They are speaking very much in class.When there is too much noise we say that "we will play a game".When we say this they are very happy so there will be more noise,but after that we say that
-simdi bir oyun oynayacagiz kim oynamak ister(all the fingers on air)
-eveet bakalim en uslu kim duruyor(there is no noise in class)
Other example is;
I will continue with the same example.There is a very witty student in our class.He has answers all the time to us.It is the dialog;
-(he is speaking too much again)sen boyama yapmak istemiyorsun galiba
-e cok konusuyorsun konusan boyama yapmayacak dedik ya
-e bende istemiyorum zaten
-iyi bende sana boyama kagidi vermem o zaman
-ama vazgectim istiyorum simdi

I and my friends were playing a card game 'batak' in dormitory.On midway of the game one of our friends' phone called.His girlfriend called.I hate this situation.We did not say anything at first but it was about half an hour I said that;
-hadi bizden de selam soyle
-tamam tamam kapatiyorum simdi
so I use implying and he understand what I mean
While I was walking with my friend he was speaking permanently but I was not listening to him because I was thinking another thing.
-ya su ... de ne kadar ... degilmi?
-hmm bencede
-neden ...satilmiyo ...
-evet dogru
-ya sen beni dinlemiyorsun ama
There is no guality in this speech.
My friend is talking about a computer game 'football manager'.
-rizesporu editorden oyle bir takim yaptim ki
-hadi ya
-evet baksana kaleye cech`i aldim sonra nesta yi,ronaldinho yu,totti yi,ibrahimovic i hepsini aldim ya
-hmm oylemi
-evet finansinida super yaptim
-yaslarini falanda indirdim uzun sure oynayabilecekler
-yaa tamam yeter (anladik guzel yapmissin off ya bayginlik geldi)
Quantity is not normal in this conversation
This example is for apologizing.
I can not apologize very much.I argued with my friend on last week.We did not speak one day.After that I went near of him because I know that I am the wrong one but as I said I can not apologize so it is the dialog:
-ooo naber kanki ne yapiyosun gorusmeyeli(with joke)
-seyy iyidir ya senden naber(he was surprised)
(kavga konusunu hic acmadan barismayi saglamis oldum)
This example is about agreeing.
When I am talking about football with my friends I behave as what is his favourite team.
I am fan of Galatasaray so(with a fan of Fenerbahce)
I:Fener berabere kaldi gene Denizliyle
Friend:Ya birak abi ya tutmicam artik bu takimi
I:Yok abi ya gene iyi takim
F:Birak ya bu zico gitmeden bize huzur yok
I:Eh haklisin...
(with a fan of Galatasaray)
F:Ooo Fener nasi berabere kaldi gene ama
I:Harbiden ya helal olsun Denizliye valla
F:Boyle gitse bari ya
I:Zico gitmesin bide Alex bisey yapamasin fener yok abi ya
F:gitmese bari ya
I:Evet bencede...

While I was going to my hometown this week we wait bus which is come from Harem.But because of the pileup we wait 2 hours this bus.Passengers angry with this situation and:
Yolcu:Ya niye hala gelmedi bu otobus
Gorevli:Tamam merak etmeyin gelecek
Y:Ama ne zaman birbucuk saattir otobus bekliyoruz
G:Evet cok haklisiniz cok ozur dileriz ama bizim elimizde olan birsey degil kaza olmus 100 arac birbirine girmis mecburen boyle oldu
Y:Evet sizde haklisiniz...
(Employee is very polite so passenger is changing his speech to a more polite one)
I and my friend went to the bank because of giving documents for scholarship but there is too much people in queue.So the dialog:
Friend:Affedersiniz sizden once hemen ben yapabilirmiyim isimi acaba ben ogrenciyim derse gec kaliyorum da.
Man:Tamam madem gec kaliyorsun gec bakalim
F:Cok tesekkur ederim
M:Onemli degil.Bir dahakine daha erken gel ama
This is one of the advantages of politeness.

3231040073 3\A

Anonymous said...

Bu arada özlemcim sana yazmayı unuttum.Övgün için(!)teşekkür ederim.Hem sen niye kendini ele veriyon ki?sizi çoook seviyorum iyiki varsınız siz olmasaydınz bu komik sohbetler olur muydu?:)şaka yaptm kızma hemen!!!:(

Anonymous said...

oh my dear Deryammmmmmmmmmm
I love you
you love me
why do not we be together
I need you
you need me
We are two pıeces of an apple
or blood ın a flea
I am the happınesttttt
but just wıth you:))))

Anonymous said...

-arkadaslar kım bu sacmalıgı yapıosa son wersın ne demek
_ne sonu be ask bu ask ekmekle köftenın burgerle soghanın benle senın askı bu tıpkı parayla sadet gıbı olur olur parayla sadet de olur derya da olur
-Parayla saadet olmaz bu dunya sana kalmaz soylemıstım sewgılım parayla saadet olmaz
-olur olur bal gıbı olur.
-olmaz sewgılım olmaz bırtanem ınan bana olmaz ask boyle olmaz
-sana demedım mı sana dememdım mı ömrumun son gununu sana werdımdı son krusumu da param sadetım ebedı askım.
-oh kuzum tamam ozamn senın ıstedıgın gıbı olsun parayla saadet olsun sana asıgım askım sewgılım bırtanem bebegım
-askım bakasana bana askım aglarım ama...öhöh öhöhö kamuran neden paranla sadet alıyosun da benı secmıyosun?
(örtmenım we saygı teget arkadaşlarımız bu bır speech act örnegıdır esıne benzerıne rastlanamaz.SABAH 6 DAKİ SPEECH ACTS

3231040095-3231040084deroş sadoş

Anonymous said...

Esra yaa yeter yaa .. biz bunları zaten heran dinliyoruz burda da okumak zorundamıyız,bizi yakıyon hergün bari diğer insanları rahatsız etme:) ama sanırım bu durumlar kırk yılın başı işine yaramış:p buolaylarda seni canlandırınca çok komik oluyoo,çok güldüm yaa!tebrklr.

Anonymous said...

napıyım abii.hoca böyle istedi dua edin her konuşmamı yapmadım burda allahtan 5 örnek istemiş sadece yoksa bilemiyorum tuncer beymi cıldırırdı siz mi? düşünsene hoca artık ödev vermiyomuş ben ödevde her konuşmam inceledikten sora olurmu olur abii.

gulsahunlu said...

1-)Experince:After your lesson was over i went to the “öğrenci işleri” to give the needed documents such as photograph and a form.However i have to fill the form there and an address was to be written.I thougth that the school address must be written as ISTANBUL UNV./ HAYEF.Before accepting the form, the official looked at it and then showed me an example of the form on the wall with his finger and said “look at the example!!”.At that time i understood that there was a mistake on my form and the address should have to be written as the same with that form.So i changed my information.The official made a speech act but it was not politely i think.
Yesterday i went to the dentist because of my ache.One dentist examined me and then sent to the other one to pull out my tooth.This was the first time of my going to the dentist to pull out my tooth so i was stretched but i behaved as i am not.After giving me an injection she wanted me to wait and then called me again.I knew that it was the time of pulling.However my mouth did not get numb so i frigthened.And the diaologue started:
Me:I can feel my cheek,is it normal?
Dentist:Of Course, i did not anaesthetize all your mouth.It is normal.(in the mean time she wants to pull my tooth so tries to insert her tool to my mouth.)
Me: (interrupting her)However i feel my tooth,too!!!
Dentist:If you do not want me to pull your tooth out i can give you drug.(starting to feel stretched)
Me:No,sorry! I want it but i wanted to inform you about my situation not to cause a problem.
Dentist:Then let me do what is to be done! Now,i will try once and if you feel pain i will not pull it.
Me:Of course,you know the best!! Do not understand me in a wrong way.
(She tries again and i feel pain and then)
Me: Sorry! This is the first time for me! You know the best but it aches.I do not want it to be pulled.Sorry again!
In this example i use approbation maxim because in that situation i minimise dispraise of other and also maximise praise of the other person(dentist)
Last week i was bored in İstanbul especially in dormitory so i wanted to go home.The travel lasts 9 hours.Then i went and made a surprise to them.They all were happy to see me.I stayed 4 days and came back.The next day when i went to school i learned that our exams were postponed for a week.I thougth it is a long time to pass in dormitory i wanted to go home again but i was worried about my parents response.That time i can not say i will come again so i explained it in a different way with implication.Dialogue between me and my mother:
Me:hi mum! How are you?
Mother: hi my darling.we are fine what about you?
Mother:how is the school?
Me:As you know!
Mother: And? What is the reason of your calling?
Me:Nothing! I am thinking what i should do for all a week!!!
Mother:why?you will go to school,won’t you?
Me: No!!! All week there is not school.Our exams were postponed.I am not busy at all.
Mother: hmmmm!!! What will you do then?
Me:I do not know.I will pass the time in a way( she understood that i want to come there again and could not say this directly and want permission)
Mother:Why don’t you come here?It is a long holiday.You can come and study here.
Me: Thanks mum!! Tomorrow i am coming!!!bye!
Example3:In once we wanted to come together with my friends to do some works as a group about the lesson of Mr.Zengin.Two of them were near the school and wanted us(me and one of my friends) to come near them to do somethings.They wrote in their message “come to the Saray”.We thought that there were two place near the school called Saray.One of them was a internet cafe and the other was a cafe to eat and drink somethings.Our reason was to do homework so we were confused.In that situaiton there is no quantity in the speech because the information they give is not enough to understand.There is also lack of manner because their note is not clear.

Example4:Yesterday i talked with my close friend on the phone.She told me that she would go to Konya.She was in Manisa at that time.I said that it would be a long journey for her but she was disagree with me.She tought it would not.I was sure because one of my friends is Konya and he always travels betwen Konya and Manisa.I knew this information from him so I was sure.However she was insisting on her idea. In this speech there is no quality.Because she has no evidence about it but insists .

Example5: One day we went to our neighbour to offer our condolences.After talking about the person who died we wanted their permission to leave.They accompanied to us till the door and as a last statement my father said “Tekrar Allah kavuştursun!!!” We were all schocked because it was not the expected sentence.Then we all smiled because it was not a sentence composed conciously,it was a mistake.In that speech my father’s sentence was not relevant to the situation.Unconciously my father used the maxims of relevance.

3-)I mostly be more polite if there is strangers around me and if there are guests in our home.The reason of this they do not know me closely and if i say something rude they can think false about me.However if there are my close friends around me i can speak as i want because whatever i say they can understand my intended meaning not the real sentence.Also if i am near a stranger but s/he is the buss of my relative i behave politely,too.Reason of it is not to make my relative embrass.
Example-My brother work in a schoolroom calle Final.When i went near him to visit i behave politely as i has to be.
Example-If i am in the train i speak and behave politely to the others.Such as:
-Siz buyurun oturun!
-Müsaade edermisiniz ben diğer tarafa geçsem?
-Bu durakta inmeyecekseniz yer değiştirebilir miyiz?
Example-If the person sitting near me in the class is not my close friend i say:
-pardon,notlarından fotokopi çektirebilir miyim?
If she is my close friend i say:
-çıkışta Azime uğrayalım senden fotokopi çektiricem he haberin olsun!!
Example-If there are guests in our home and with their sentences try tointerfere my life i try not to be rude because of my parents.
Me- Anne ben kaçtım! Arkadaşlarla buluşçaz haberin olsun 6 gibi gelirim.Geç gelecek olursam haber ederim.tamam mı?
Guest-Nereye gidiyosun kızım? Kimmiş bu arkadaşların? Bizim zamanımızda böyle ha deyince dışarı çıkılmazdı,çıkamazdık!!
Me-Haklısınız! Liseden arkadaşlarımla buluşucam uzun zamndır görüşemiyoruz.Allahtan biz o devirleri geçtik…(and not to continue to the dialogue i leave the home)
If that person were not my mother’s friend i could behave more rudely.That sentence was more politely i think.The reason of this was that if i behaved rudely my mother could feel sad.)
3231040079 3/A

Anonymous said...

Few days ago,we were going towards Taksim by Rumeli-Hisarüstü bus.When we got close to Beşiktaş,a man in a hasty manner told to captan:
-Kaptan orta kapıyı rica edebilirmiyim?
Bizim şoför olaya hakim:
-Tabi ayıp ettin,al götür,senden kıymetli mi?(Bizim şoförler de b alem ya!)
There is an ironic cooperation here,in fact,the captan understood what the man meant,that is,his intend was so clear,nevertheless he pretended to not understand.Thus it turned out to be a conversation that included an ironic cooperation and relevance.
the second example is about my friend(Özlem GÜVENER-yazmasam
kızar sonra)who had a funny experience when she was working in a company in this summer:A man called to consalt his computer:
-Alo iyi akşamlar,nasıl yardımcı olabilirim?
-(gayet sinirli bir ton)İyi akşamlar hanfendi,ben tam olarak 26 dakika 36 saniyedir internete bağlıyım ve hala bişey gelmiyor,daha ne kadar beklemem lazım acaba?
-Gelmiyor derken sayfalar mı açılmıyor beyefendi?
-Hayır kardeşim,hiçbirşey olmuyor.İşte bak 27 dakka 53 saniye oldu,hala bişi yok!
-İnternet explorer'ı açtınız mı beyefendi?
-Ne eksloresi?Nasıl yani?
-Hımmm,beyfendi,internete girdikten sonra internet explorer ya da netscape programını çalıştırarak web sayfalarını gezmeye başlamanız lazım.
-Allah Allah,internete girince kendi başlamıyo mu yani!:)
In this event ,the man was quiet rude in manner.While my friend(kimin arkadaşı) tried to cooperate showing a great polietness and patience.She could have scolded him saying:"Sir,first have the foggiest idea about computer,then call us."But she didn't say.So the problem was solved.
As another example a usual conversation between my elder brother and me:
-Abisi,canım kardeşim,oy oy kimin kardeşidir,aman da aman...(KESİN BİRŞEY İSTİCEK)
-Ben yemek falan yapamam,anneme söle,şurda işim var benim.
-Ne alaka canım,kim senden yemek istedi,ben sadece güzel kardeşimi seviyodum,kızım senin için fesat,ben ne yapıym?
-Ha öyleyse,sorun yok sevebilirsin...
-(aradan bi iki dakika geçmeden)Özlem ya,galiba ben acıkıyorum,hadi abicim ya şurdan bişeyler getir şu yakışıklı abine,bak sonra aç kalırsa,kafası çalışmaz,sonra kpss'yi kazanamaz,wsonra sana kim para gönderir,ha abisi?
-Abi ya,of ya,hep böyle yapıyosun ama artık sıktınha!
-Eeee,yüz verdik astar istiyosun sen de,kalk şurdan yemek mi yapıyosun,ne yapıyosun,kafamı bozma benim,sinirlendirme beni!
-Allahını seversen,sinirlensen nolur,yapmıyorum yemek falan,hem yemek yapalım hem de beyfendi...
-Özlem diyorum
-Ne var be,ne napıcan?
-Biraz daha konuşursan görürsün ne olucanı...
-Hayır sen söle,ne olur yani,ben merak ettim şimdi!
-Sen kaşınıyosun ha!
-Çok komiksin,valla güldürme beni,bizim bi babamız var unuttun heralde
-Özlem canım kardeşim,sus bak sonunda yine sen ağlıyacaksın!
Yok ya!!!
-Tamam ya,getirme yemek falan,ben kendim yaparım(oldukça kırgn,yüzü düşmüş)
-Ya özürdilerim abi ya,tamam ben şimdi sana ne getiriyim ne istersin?
-Yok istemem artık getirme
-Eee,şımarma hemen,çocuk gibisin ha,25 yaşına gelmiş hala küsüyo.
-tamam tamam,başlama yine.Patates kızartması,köfte...
Firstly ı want to say thatthis conversation is rich in speech acts.There are also many implications.First,the conversation began with disagreement,turned to politeness sometime,then disagreement again,but at the end w2e achieved to be cooperative,that is,we agreed.As for the manner,it can't be said that we were tactful and generous to each other,we solved it somehow.
I have recently gone for shopping in Beyazıt with one of my friends.We entered in a store:
-badilerinize bakabilir miyim?
(adam gelip oldukça abuk sabuk daha doğrusu benim giyemeyeceğim birşey gösterdi.)
-Ya olur mu o ya,biz Anadolu çocuğuyuz,bize ters böyle şeyler(çok saçma ne biliym,kaçtı ağzımdan bi kere)
-(imalı bir şekilde)Yok canım,siz aslında sosyeteye benziyorsunuz,saçlar sarı falan(nerden boyattık şu saçları ya!)
-ESTAĞFURULLAH(Ne alaka tamamen yorumsuz)
Here my answer is quiet unrelevant to the shopkeeper's comment.
Lastly,ı want to mention an event occured in Bakırköy.Last week,we went to Bakırköy for shopping.We entered in a food-wear center.My friend asked to one from the staff:
-Şu ayakkabının siyahı var mı,bakabilir miyim acaba?
-öfff!!(ve bir sürü garip,beni çileden çıkaran hareketler,sanki çok şey istemişiz de)
ben durur muyum hemen devreye girdim
-Bırak abi ya,bırak,paramızla rezil mi olucaz,başlarım ayakkabısına,ALLAH'ım ya,gel de dellenme!
-(arkadaşım beni sakinleştirmeye çalışıyo bu sırada)Özlem sus boşver,sakin ol
Ne sakini ya ne sakini(bu arada sesim son şiddetinde,çok sinirliyim çünkü,kız şok kaldı öyle,herkes bize bakıyo,ama benim tınımda mı,sinirler tepemde tutana aşk olsun)
Ve tam da bu sırada bağırmalarımı duyan üst görevlilerden biri geldi aramızdaki diyalog aynen şu:
-Pardon,hanfendi personel mi?
-Evet,maşallah,personelinize laf yok,böyle kişileri nasıl işe alırsınzbilmem(ses high pitchinde)
-Sorun nedir hanfendi,ben yardımcı olıyim,siz personalimize bakmayın(Allahım herkes niye böyle)
-Ya,kime bakayım,size mi...O kim ya,müşteriye ne hakla bu şekilde davranır,ben varya ,zor tutuyorum kendimi(oldukça rude bir manner,utandım kendimden ama ne yapıyim,hakettiler)
-Haklısınız hanfendi,ben yardımcı olıym,boşverin siz(oldukça kibar)
Olma kardeşim sen de olma,hiçbiriniz olmayın,ben aldım cevabımı,kıza bak ya sanki babasının hayrına bana ayakkabı getiriyo,Allah Allah ya!)
-Tamam hanfendi,siz boşverin ben yardımcı olucm size
-Öff ya sıktn ama sen de!Yardım falan istemiyorum,yürü Özlem ya paramla olduktan sonra başka yer mi yok sanki,hadi iyi günler
-Siz bilirsiniz,o zaman
-Evet ben bilirim...(istemezdim bu kadar kaba davranmayı ama oldu bikere,hem ben miyim tek suçlu)
Here the more the man was polite ,the ruder ı was.To tell the truth,ı was so rude.I never tried to be cooperative,ther was a one-way cooperation,the conversation didn't reach its aim.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi,friends and teacher
After OSS we were trying to find out the most suitable field for my sister in consideration with her point.
ABİM:Ya arzu sen en iyisi psikolojik danışmanlık ve rehberlik seç e bu aileye bi psikologta lazım hani.
BEN:Haklısın birinin bu ailedeki saygı kavramını irdelemesi lazım
ABİM:Ben sana saygısız mı dedim şimdi.
BEN:Ne alakası var ya ben genel anlamda söyledim.
ABİM:Şimdi diyorum ama saygısız senı.
The utterances don't have relevance between them and there is no cooperation in the conversation.My elder brother is not polite as necessary as he should be.

A weekend ı was going ümraniye to visit my relatives and got on dolmuş in üsküdar.When we got close to Capitol after six or seven minutes a woman said
_Mükemmel bi yerde inebilir miyim?(kadının kafası karışıktı sanırım çünkü o da bizimle beraber gülüyodu söylediklerine) Driver:buyun size layık değil ama.
There is an ironic cooperation in here.the driver got the intention;but he wanted to establish an ironic cooperation without diffusing the comic atmosphere.

One morning at 12:OO in this summer my elder brother got up and came downstairs.
ABİM:(uykulu) beni niye kahvaltıya kaldırmadınız
BEN:Bizde yapmadık daha,işlerimiz vardı bahçede.
ABİM:beni kaldırmadınız ya(kahvaltıytı kastediyo çünkü hiç bir zaman yardım önerisinde bulunmaz)
BEN: abi sen gidip bidaha uyanıp gelsene ya.
irrelavance hat safhada...

Ishare my room with leyla,suna and özlem in dormitory.A few days ago leyla broght two magnets which she asserted to diminish stress when you throw and unify them in the air.They accually were driving us crazy,anyway.
ın her secod try ,suna dropped one of the magnets and we began to look for them like mad.
LEYLA:Onu bulmamız lazım,yarın arkadaşıma götürecem ya.üfff
ÖZLEM:Tamam leyla ya bi sakin ol
Few minutes later a girl came:
-Kızlar,biz alttaki odada kalıyoruz, sanırım yere sürekli biseyler atıp duruyosunuz,bizde hukuk öğrencisiyiz,ders çalışıyoruz yani!!!
SUNA:Ses tam olarak nerden geldi(gerisini siz düsünün artık)
Suna's question was irrelevant to the situation ,and she was not polite enough.

A proffesor from İstanbul Bilgi University came to our dormitory to give a conferance last week.To examplify how intricate teenagers are,he told the following memory of him.
PROFFESÖR:Evladım Yavuz Selim İlköğretim Okulu nerde biliyomusun?
ÇOCUK:Amca şu uzaktaki kırmızı evi görüyo musun?
ÇOCUK:Onun yanındaki yeşilk evi görüyo musun?
ÇOCUK:Onun yanında da beyaz badanalı market var.
ÇOCUK:Orası degilde(tam zıt yönü gösterir)tam burası.
(Sonra çocuk gülerek kaçar)
PROFESÖR:Sen benimi işletiyosun terbiyesiz.
The conversation was not so temptious in terms of quantity and quality .The boy also was not polite.

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher and friends,
1)The dinner is ready and we’re around the table.some of us started eating but im looking for the bread.i was about to go to the kitchen to check it ; just at that moment i saw it on the armchair and i said ‘gamze ekmek arkanda’ implying ‘can you give me the bread?’in a way which wasnt so polite.

2)We are playing ‘tabu’ and im trying to tell ‘freud’ to sema.she is so into the game that she doesnt even hear what im saying.:
Me:benim abim nerden mezun?
Sema:nerden? ee şey psikoloji
Me.he işte tamam yani abim ne oluyo
Me:yani mesleği,işi?abim ne?
Sema: psikopat ?.. very relevant(!) 

3)one night we are out wandering around with my friend.we got inside a shop,stayed inside about 10 minutes and the time we were leaving the shop the saleswoman said ‘hoşgeldiniz’…biraz geç oldu ama ‘hoşbulduk’ ne alaka şimdi falan dedik and left the shop.
Same night we go on wandering and decided to eat some dessert.we went to a cafe which was crowded at the 1st floor so we checked was more crowded so we turned back to the first floor.this time the waiter said ‘iyi akşamlar efendim,yine bekleriz’. (we’re telling inside:Ama biz daha yeni gelmiştik)…polite though he was,it was like a joke;i dont know what was wrong with that night…

4)again we’re together with friends eating something and chatting.we’re talking about a girl –flatmate of one of our friends who dropped in about fifteen minutes before-.
Fatma:nereliydi ki kız?
Merve:Antepli gibi
Me:Iğdırlı galiba
Fatma:yok yok Elazığlı gibi.elazığlı duruşu var üstünde
Sema:Iğdırlı (very quite,busy with drinking tea)
Gamze:Mardinli olabilir
Burcu:bence Maraşlı
Sema:Iğdırlı (in same manner)
Fatma:bence Elazığlı bilmiyorum
Merve:bence değildir
Sema:bencesi mencesi yok kız Iğdırlı diyorum Iğdırlı.anladınız mı? Iğdırlı.hala bence diyolar ya…
• Sema’s answer was insufficient at the beginning that it didnt satisfy others’ requirement so they went on the end she got angry and made her answer clear in an impolite manner.

feyzanur kurt

Anonymous said...

Canan Gülbey
These are some of speech events I have experienced during two weeks:

My friend : Sınav saat kaçta?
Me :12:15’te fakültede.
My friend :Eee, o zaman gidelim hadi, geç kalacaksın.
Me :Nereye gidelim?
My friend :Vefa’ya.
Me :Niye gidiyoruz Vefa’ya?
My friend :Sınavın Vefa’da değil miydi?
Me :Sınav burda. Biraz once söyledim. Dinlemiyorsunki.
My friend :Olur mu? Sen Vefa’da dedin biraz önce.
Me :Hayır, demedim. Fakültede dedim.
My friend :Ne dediğini de bilmiyorsun ki.
Me :Asıl sen dinlemiyorsun.

Although I had said that my exam was in the faculty he insisted that he was right. I think the quantity didn’t satisfy him. His manners changed as I said the opposite of the things he said. He began to get angry because he thought I forgot what I had said.

Me : Yaa bu ödev çok zor. Ben bu ödevi yetiştiremiyeceğim.
My friend : Yaparsın canım. Daha vaktin var. ben sana yardımcı olurum. Söz veriyorum.
Me : Yok yok, ben analayamıyorum zaten konuyu. Yetişmeyecek, çok az vaktim kaldı.
My friend : Haftasonu yaparız birlikte. Anlamadığın kısımlara beraber bakarız.
Me : Ben hiç yapamıyorum bu dersleri. Kalacağım hepsinden zaten.
My friend : Canan, yeter ama! Yapacağız diyorum, inadın tutu yine.
Me : Benim kapasitem yetmiyor bunları yapmaya belki. Niye zorluyolar ki bu kadar.
My friend : Tamam Canan, tamam! Yapma o zaman. Hatta okulu da bırak. Zaten kapasiten yetmiyor. Zengin bir koca buluruz sana. Ödev yapmak zorunda kalmazsın artık. Oldu mu şimdi, rahatladın mı?

Firstly, she said that she would help me in a very polite way. She couldn’t persuade me though. My contributions to the conversation didn’t have a positive effect. On the contrary my complaints made her impolite. I used irrelevant sentences as well. At last, she changed her way and gave up trying to calm me down.

Me :Sınavın nasıldı?
My friend :Çok kötü. Boş kağıt verdim.
Me :Canın sağolsun. Finale çok çalışırsın, geçersin.
My friend :İngilizce öğretmeni arkadaşımız var İngilizceden boş kağıt veriyoruz!
Me :Aman yine bana döndü.
My friend :Tabi sana dönecek sınavdan once çalıştırsaydın beni bole olmazdı.
Me :Aşk olsun! Hiç yardım istemedin ki sana yardım edeyim.
My friend :Nefret ediyorum İngilizce’den.

She had a bad exam as you see. This situation made her a bit angry. I tried to encourage her to study more for final exam but it didn’t satisfy her. Then, she changed the topic and began to accuse me. There is a lack of relevance here. At the end she said an irrelevant sentence again. She changed the topic two times because she tried to find a reason for her unsuccessfulness.

Gülten Dogan said...

1-Beyazıt show:
A female audience is on the phone and addresses a question to Mustafa Topaloğlu.
The question: Siz gerçekten böyle misiniz yoksa ilgi çekmek için mi böyle yapıyorsunuz?
The answer: Güzel kardeşim ben dünyalıyım. Bu dünya güzel her kes değerini bilmeli. Ben gittim geldim….
The answer is going on in a way which doesn’t show any relevance with the question.

2-at home:

Me: Mom, where is the needle? I want to sew my dress
Mom: let me think… it was in the cupboard and then I put it in my wardrobe. But last week I tidied up it then replaced the needle. Oh yeah I think it is somewhere in the living room.
Me: thanks for your help. I think I can find it now very easily.

The explanation of my mother shows that a chain-thinking process is operating. But the answer doesn’t say the place of the needle very clearly. Moreover this answer disputes with Maxim’s quantity (more informative than demanded) and quality (not the exact information).

3- news:
I was watching the news: the theme is the strike of the counter clerks on the bridges.
The reporter asks questions to the drivers who are the victims of this strike:
Reporter: Efendim, ne düşünüyorsunuz bu eylem hakında?
First driver: haklılar ama biz mağdur oluyoruz
Reporter(to another driver): Efendim, siz ne düşünüyorsunuz bu konuda?
Second driver: hangi konuda?
Reporter: bu eylem hakkında efendim.
Second driver: ne, heyelan mı? nerde olmuş, biz görmedik bir şey.

The answer of the second driver shows that he isn’t aware of this strike. His answer doesn’t reflect any relevance with the matter.

4-Bus station:
I was in the bus. The bus stopped at the station. A woman attempted to get in while she was asking ’atışalanına gider mi?’
Driver: hayır abla, gitmez
Woman: atışalanına gidiyor dimi?(inbetween she got on)
Driver: ablacım, hayır, gitmez
Woman: peki burdan atışlanına giden bir otobüs var mı?
Driver: var var. bekle gelir.
Woman gelir dimi?
Driver: Üfffff, gelir diyorum yaaa.

Although the woman got always the exact information, she continued to ask the same questions. Driver’s answers were perspicuous, clear and brief. I think the woman was tried of waiting at the bus station.


1: Social statue/Position (in terms of occupation)
If I talk to a person whose position is higher than me I feel I muss address him / her formally and be very polite to him/ her. For example managers of a company, director, boss of an institution are the people to whom I muss be very polite. Because, if I hold a conversation with such people it means that I want to be accepted by him/her to work in his/her company or institution.
I am always very polite to my teachers, because I regard them.
By acquiring our language we learn how to treat the people whom we don’t know. It is a social-cultural norm to be very polite to a stranger who for example ask how to get a post office
4-First meeting: The aim of being very polite in the first meeting is to create a positive atmosphere and to manipulate the first impression occurrence process.
5-let someone do something or the profit relation (unfortunately it is the truth of life)
The situation: You need money
The remedy: your father, mother or brother (any person with whom you have a close relationship)
The way of getting money: to be more polite
The result: Your father (or mother or brother) gives you the money

Anonymous said...


This event took place 1 year ago….

1) One day in the morning I m sitting our dormitory of my friend ‘his name is Burak “(actually ı dont know him very well.he is boy friend of my room mate.She introduced us before,) came and ask me can we sit your table with my friend ?(I know his friend beforehand…he is a little bit kız manyağı”) I look around there are lots of place to sit but they are in front of me,so I cant say no!!because even if gramatically they request met o sit to,funcinally they dont request they force me to give chance them to sit…and talking starts …

Burak : eeeee ne haber Tülay…
Me :..iylik ne olsun…senden ?
Burak :iyi işte bende..ceyda(kız arkadaşı ) okula gitti bende arkadaşla kahvaltıya geliyim dedim…bu arada arkadaşım Fatih
Me: bende Tülay..memnun oldum.dedim.(iyi aile kızı modunda elimi uzatmadım)
Fatih :bende (elini uzattı ) (bende böyle bi hareketten sonra elimi uzattım mecburen ) tanıştığıma memnun oldum.(elimi bırakmıyo ama ) hangi kremi kullanıyosun ?
Me : nasıl yani?
Fatih : ellerin kadife gibi (yüz ifadesini görmeniz lazım)
Me :eeee Burak okul nasıl gidiyo ? ( ı made preemet signal in here to stop talking because he is şaka gibi )
Burak : iyi işte….(ther is strange thing Burak doesnt give any raction fatih’s way of talking …
Fatih : yenisin galiba yurtta ?(fatih is goin talking in his discouse ) =ınserted sequnce
Me : yooooo 2. yılım..
Fatih : hiç gözüme çarpmamıştın daha önce …
Me : çarpmam mı gerekiyo nasıl yani ….(bende geçekten çok saf cevaplar veriyorum ama )(uyku sersemi )
Fatih: senin gibi kızları ihmal etmemde …..(repair durumu )… hoşsun ,güzelsin…
Me :teşekkür ederim.. (sıkıntılı bi gülümseme )
Burak : ben şimdi nete gidicem az bi işim var siz oturun …muhabet sasrdı sizi nasıl olsa…
Me : sardı mı ?(ben sıkıntılara girdim tabi geçen yıl linguistic dersi almıyodum ilk dönem..ama masaya oturmadan script çizilmiş….I was choosed to be a prop fort this script..There is actor.,goals and action)
Fatih : sıkmıyorum di mi d,seni ?
Me : yok hayır… (he ask me very plite way so ı dont say reality)sen gitmiycek misin nete?(ı m asking indirectly to him dont you think to stand up ?)
Fatih : yooo hayır sen varsın ya… olmaz şimdi
Me : hıııı…..ama benim kalkmam gerekiyo…..
Fatih : ya otursana bişey anlatıcam
Me : ne ? (ın my mind ı say biri şunu alsın götürsün.)
Fatih : hafta sonu ne yapıyosun ?
Me : bilmem düşünmedim daha çok var bunu düşünmeye ?
Fatih : şuanda mı düşünmüyosun ?
Me : ı m looking him stupidly … ( şaka mısın sen ya sabah sabash ) neyse ben geç kalıyom… kendine iyi bak…
Fatih : işte numaram…ararsın….. senin numaran bende yokta…(indirecly negative politely he wants my number ) (he wrote his number to selpak and gave me .. ) görüşürüz….(he behaved as if he worked for this dilogue) he looks carefully my eyes..
Me  I wish you saw my face) aaaaa tabi ….

2 )grician maxim ‘s

ME : Nerdeydin bu saate kadar ?
Selcan (my room mate ):okuldaydım .derste
Me: 7 ye kadar…ne dersi bu ya bu saate kadar…
Selcan : cem tutkun dersi ( erkek arkadaşı )
Me: hangi anfide ?
Selcan :bizim pembe panjurlu saadet yuvamızda …
Me: ne güzel benim hiç böyle derslerim olmuyo….


I m talking with my friend about what we do in Beyazıt ilköğretim about their exam result )
Me: ben her 5 alan öğreniciye kitap almak istemiyorum.
Ayşegül:neden ?
Me: 2 tanesine alalım yeter..ben dershanedeki öğrencilrimede allıcam bu hafta…
Ayşegül : onlara almak zorunda değilsin..
Me: ben Beyazıt ilköğretimde ki öğrencilerimede almak zorunda değilim.
Aysegül:tamam o zaman ben hepsine alırım (nervous face )
Me:iyi sen bilirsin…
Aysegül: vicdan meselesi…..

Vicdan meselesi is irrelevance sentence but there isi imly in here even if it is unlogic

I and my mum are talking on the phone…

Mum: ne yeddim bu akşam
Me: ne yapıcan ?
Mum : söyle hadiii
Me: ya anne …….. üffff patlıcan..
Mum : aman ye çocığum..ıspanakta ye ,salatada ye…sütte iç. sütte ıspanağın 12 katı demir varmış.temel reis gibi olursun..
Me: ya anne ne alaka…. ( becuse of unnecessary knowledge ı will blow up )
My mum : sınavın nasıldı ? sorular ?
Me: iyiydi …
My mum : ne sormuş ?
If ı explain in here hoe was our question she could get bored because she is housewife

OUALİTY : I caught one of my friend reading my diary

Me: yaptığın doğru mu ?

My friend: sadece merak ettim.
Me: merak …. Bana sdordun mu ?
My friend: ama….
Me: ama ne ?
My friend:Benim hatam değil…
Me: nasıl yani ?
Myfriend:sen ortada bırakışın.
Me: bırakmış olman bakıcağın anlamına gelmiyo
My friend:ya evet ama beni kendine çekti
Me : yani sen hatalı değilsin.
My friend: yani bilemiyorum evet hatalıyım ama yok ya sensin hatalı….

She knows that it is wrong but she doesnt want to accept.


ME: babamla konuşuyor musun ?
My brother : bu konuyla ilgili konuşmak istemediğimi söylemiştim.

He rejected to talk with me about that.

My grandmother: şimdi kız gibi (tek kızda benim oda da ) biri çay koysada içsek…ama nerde….

3 ) politeness
İndirect :

My mum : hoş geldin güzel kızım
Me: hoş bulduk bu aşırı sevgi .hemen çıkıp geldim.
My mum: bulaşık suyu koydumda


Me:Eşyalarımı hazırladın mı ?
My mum :sebep ?
Me: nedemek sebep?bugün gidiyorum ya anne…
My mum :hııııııı gidiyosun …with hesitation….
Me: yoksa…. Biletimi almadın mı ?
My mum : biz almayı unuttuk

Avoiding disagrement :

My friend: bilyorum ben biriyim kendimden nefret ediyorum.ama değiştiremiyorum.
Me: ya madem kendinde rahatsız oluyosun bu durumdan…..
My friend: bencilim di mi sen söyle…
Me: (ı dont want to lie her ) ya biraz empati kurmayı deneyebilirisn…

,aprobatıon maxım

Canım arkadaşım benim sen çok iyisin biliyorum.o yüzden bana bi hamburger alıp iylik yapar mısın?


yağmur toka said...


Hocam ben bu konuyu hiç anlamamışım bu aradagerçekten yaparken ilk defa bu kadar zorlandım umarım istediğiz gibi bir ödev olmuştur.Ancak şimdi biraz kafamda canlandığı için yeni yapabildim kusura bakmayın

Anonymous said...

QUANTITY:violatıon of quantıty

binbası:_o ne?
binbası:_ben sana ne dedim
binbası:_ben sana '5.bölüğe git' demedim mi?
binbası:_ne duruyorsun?

RELEVANCE:violatıon of relevance

_nasıl yazarsınız?
_bircok ünlü yazar gibi,odamda gidip gelip volta atarak,ayagımı ılık suya sokarak,yatarak yazmam.Ben, yazarken amuda kalkarım,bacaklarımı ensemden gecirdikten sonrayazmaya baslarım.Kan, beni coskulandırır.İnsan kanı içemediğim için,yazmaya baslamadan once,buzdolabındakisürahiden bir kadeh tavsan kanı içmeye alışmışımdır.Bir kadeh kan içmedikce aklım basıma gelmez.

violatıon of relevance:
polis:_bu kadar oğrencisiniz,içinizden biri de su kadının parlevu'suna karsı bi laf edemedi.
fransızca sınavından 9 alan öğrenci utana utana:_regüliye fiilleri sorsun bak nasıl söylüyorum,su gibi...


_Yazar elverişliyazma ortamını kendisi mi hazırlar yoksa bu ortamın dogmasını mı bekler?
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1-Wife:Uf ya bu yağmurda yürüyerek işe nasıl gideceğim!
Husband:Benim arabamı unuttun galiba benim yolumun üstü işyerin nasıl olsa
Wife:Ay cok sagol tatlım ya.

Wife is not saying her purpose directly.She only implied.

2-Yıldız:Ya Belkız yeter artık su Emineye cok sinir oluyorum.
Ben:Niye ki?
Yıldız:Ne bilim hiç odasını toplamıyor,biz her zaman onun arkasını toplamak zorunda mıyız?
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Yıldız:En iyisi konuşalım,bu böyle olmayacak.
Ben:Bence de en iyi yol konuşmak,gelsin de konuşalım.

Two of us know the subject and there is an agreement on the subject.Both of us say our thoughts in an order way.

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Ben:Var anneciğim ben de onu içecektim ama teşekkür ederim gene de beni düşündüğün için.

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Me:Tamam merak etme ya ben istanbulda hiç kaybolmadım,kaybolmam da merak etme.
My friend:İnşallah hadi bekliyorum.
Me:(aradım)geldim nerdesin?
My friend:Benzinliğin karşısnda seni bekliyorum.
Me:ben de benzinliğin karşısındayım ama neden seni göremiyorum?
My friend:nasıl olur ama yaaa!Asitin önündeyim.(uzun bi süre bulamadım ve kızdı)
Me:(asit dediğininin ne olduğunu bilmediğimden soramadım korkumdan)Tamam ben dediğin yerdeyim
My friend:Asit jeans diyorum.Asitin önündeyim.
Me:Ya neyse ben seni göremiyorum gidiyorum.
My friend:Tamam git bence de..

She didnt say how I could find her clearly.My day was terrible.

5-öğretmenin öğrencilerine sarma getirme sözü vardır.fakat öğrenciler öğretmenin unuttuğunu zannederek
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Teacher:İyiyim siz?
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